Recording time is so short.

Ring is great I have the floodlight in my back garden and just put up the doorbell2 a couple of days ago. However, I’m not happy with the settings for the doorbell, nothing like the floodlight cam. Can’t there be an update so you can set the motion zones and recording time the same as this? It only records variably between 9 and 34 seconds even then the activity has to be right on my doorstep before it starts to record on the doorbell. But the floodlight gives me 2+ mins then will start another. I may be missing something but I have been through it a few times, if I am though could you please direct me? Maybe suggest to the developers about the same setup for the doorbell as the floodlight. It’s flawless and really happy with the products apart from this 1issue I’m having.


Hi @TheWeeman, thank you for joining the Community and sharing your feedback about recording times, it is always appreciated! You may notice I moved this post over to the Video Doorbell board as this would be a better spot to get the best insights regarding Doorbells specifically. As it seems this posts main focus is more about the Doorbell functionality.

I wanted to share this Ring Help article link with you as it helps explain how motion works for the Video Doorbell 2 in more detail. Since the Video Doorbell 2 is a battery operated device versus hardwired like the Floodlight, it will be a bit different as battery life must be taken into account along with functionality.

Also, our support team is available 24/7 and would be happy to help you optimize your motion settings, they can be reached at 1-(800)-656-1918.