Recording time for stick up cam battery.

Purchased a stick up cam battery for the convenience of no cables. Have it linked to my Ring Alarm with motion disabled but to record if alarm sounds, this works great aper from can only record 30 secs. I’ve read the powered one can record 60 secs. My question is if I add power to my battery one will it then record 60 secs ?
Ring could not answer the question, tempted to order powered ones and add battery’s

Hey @Stethorn. For the Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen, whether it is battery powered or plugged in, it will only have 30 second recordings at this time since it is a dual powered device. This is great feedback, so I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you. We are always looking to improve our Ring devices and systems so we appreciate your input on this. :smiley_cat:

So the powered version of the stick up cam don’t fall into below rules for powered devices taken from the ring website ?

When a camera on a device is triggered by a linked device, how long will the camera record for?

Currently, the length of recording time is set to the camera default - 30 seconds for battery-powered cameras and one minute for wired cameras.

There is another long string about this also. i have the stickup battery gen3 also. ring says longer recordings would drain the battery but i would rather have that then no option to at least make it a min. I had the cams about two weeks and thought i was missing a setting.

Had several events lasting longer then 30 sec and misses some when starting the next clip

@chelsea_ring I need to order more of these cameras tonight. If I was to buy the powered version of the stick up cams am I right thinking I will still be restricted to 30 secs recording ?

@Stethorn Thanks for getting back to me! For the Stick Up Cam that you purchased, you will be limited to only 30 second recordings, even in the event of it triggering the device to turn on from a “Linked Device” event. This is because the Cam you purchased was the dual-purpose camera that can be powered by a plug only, a battery only, or a combination of the two. I will go ahead and link you the devices that we sell on our website to ensure that you can get the device that will provide you with a 60 second recording. I hope this helps!

Indoor Cam

Stick Up Cam Plug-In

Thanks @chelsea_ring so if I purchase the stick up cam plugins and some batteries will I get the 60 sec recording by just running them on the battery ?

@Stethorn 60 second recording availability is only for powered devices, not battery operated devices. To ensure you are getting the 60 second recording, you will have to have it run off of a plug-in power, not a battery. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

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Thanks chelsea_ring , 1 last question as both the battery and plugin are both dual power devices and seem to be the same camera , if I buy the indoor/outdoor power adapter for the battery cam I have and run it off power will that give me the 60 secs ?

There seems to be a lot of misleading information around, some suggesting it’s only hard wired cameras that support 60 secs just to add to the confussion.

@Stethorn I totally understand where you’re coming from! I recommend to give it a try, but I have a feeling that since there is still a battery in the device that it may still not give you the 60 second recordings you are looking for. What you could do is buy the indoor/outdoor power adapter from Amazon or Ring, and if you see that you are getting 60 second recordings, GREAT! If you are getting the 30 second recordings, please do ahead and return the adapter, per the 30 day return policy both companies have, as the device must still be registering that it was battery operated as it was before.

This is the best way, and in a trial and error kind of situation to see what ends up happening. If you explore that route, please come back and let me know so this can be a marked solution for other neighbors to reference in the future! :smiley_cat: