Recording Speeds Up After Motion Detection Stops

I want to check activity from this morning but the video on the app speeds up after the motion detection. The video races ahead to about 1 minute afterward but I’m unable to view the footage in between.

I tried to view from my laptop but the history only offers specific events and the event recording stops too soon.

How can I continue viewing footage from the timeline?

Hi @SassyMom44. Since the Doorbell is not designed to record continuously, you will not see footage outside of the recorded motion events. You might see some Snapshot Captures in addition to the recorded events, but the Doorbell does not record 24/7 so you will not have continuous footage.

It records continuously in the timeline. I can view recordings for over the last 24 hours. However, where it shows “motion” the duration of this capture is for about 15 or so seconds; just after, the recording speeds up for about 1 minute after the video capture.