Recording / Playback

I just mounted my ring camera and I like it! However, there is one thing I just noticed. When the camera detects motion and starts to record, the first few seconds of the video is “overexposed”. As soon as the motion “passes” the image returns to normal. Why is this happening and can I adjust the camera to keep it from overexposing the video? Otherwise, it completely defeats its purpose.

Ive attached two screenshots. The overexposed at the start and the normal views.

Thank you in advance!


ring 1.PNG

ring 2.PNG

Hey @Ira1181 ! A lot of times this is the lens adjusting to the brightness of the area. Does this only happen during the day? I always recommend angling the camera slight downwards so that the focal point is more set on the ground/ surroundings rather than a brighter area or the sky. Feel free to keep us updated how this works for you :slight_smile: