Recording Motion stops to soon and going into downtime when it should be on continuous

I have my Ring hardwired. I have my zones broke out with overlapping. My video on continuous and have everything set up. I don’t find myself to be an IT expert, but mind you I can hold my own and don’t have many to issues I can’t usually resolve without some research and time. But this is now irritating me. Is anyone else having issues with the Ring not recording the whole motion and then going into a sleep for 3-5 minutes ? If I wanted the sleep setting that is the setting I would select, but continuous should not have a 3-5 min downtime at most maybe a 5- 10 second. But its also not supposed to stop recording until motion stops and its stopping before… Anyone Ideas ?

Hi @Emt2021. Can you please clarify which model of Ring Doorbell or Security Camera you have? You can find the model name on the original packaging and on the Device Health page in the Ring app. There are some differences in the settings available depending on which model you have and how it is powered. I do want to note that none of our devices recording 24/7 or continuously, but I can try and help with settings adjustments once you verify which model of Ring you have.