Recording Motion in Away Mode

Is it possible to have cameras record motion in Away Mode but no set off the alarm? I have indoor cameras and sensors, and they are set up properly so when motion is detected, the alarm will activate in Away Mode.

What I’d like to also have, is for my outdoor cameras record motion but not set off the alarm like the indoor cameras do.

Good question @cdtcraig! The Modes option will not trigger your Alarm via a non-Alarm device. While your Doorbells and Cameras can be added to your Modes for one touch convenience, a motion detected by your Camera will not trigger your entry/ exit delay. Your Alarm sensors will, of course, still work as intended as long as you have them included in Away Mode. The Modes features basically allows for a quick group setting to adjust your Ring devices based on your usage in away, home, or disarmed Mode. Check out our help center article about Modes for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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