Recording length - Option is not in Device Settings

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 and want to increase the length of the recordings. The FAQ suggested to go into Device Settings, Video Settings but there is no option there so either I’m doing something wrong or the FAQ is wrong. How do I increase the length of the recordings?

Hi @RacerX20886. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 only has 30 seconds recordings and this cannot be changed at this time. What you may be referencing is the Motion Frequency, which can be adjusted to make sure that your device is picking up all motions. This will be found under your Device’s Profile > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency. Hope this helps!

I have the same issue! You would think that if there is continued activity (motion), the recording would pick up where the initial recording stopped? There also appears to be a long gap when one “motion sequence” finishes and another will start? Not thrilled with this aspect?

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According to the link below the video recording length should be available on the ring doorbell 2. I am also missing this option in my ring app for my video doorbell 2, but I do see it for my stick up cam battery.

Is the link wrong?

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Hey @bradlev123, thank you for bringing this up! This new feature of adjustable recording lengths is something we recently rolled out and should be available to you soon. I was also noticing the same on my Stick Up Cam having it but not my RIng Video Doorbell 2, but when I checked my app this morning, I saw the option under Device Settings > Video Settings. I recommend to give it some time to see if the option shows up once it is rolled out to your device.

To speed things along, you can reach out to our support team here to see if there is a way for them to push this update, or if not, give you an ETA on when it will be available for your specific device. Please feel free to return back to us to let us know how that goes as that information my help out other neighbors!

This still limits the max recording length to 30sec for battery models (no matter how they are powered).

If after a motion triggered video is complete there is still motion all Ring cams will start a new motion triggered recording… BUT there is a “cool-down” or time interval before the new recording starts. This time interval is dependant on the actual Ring model (Battery/Wired) and its settings.

For Wired models the delay is a few seconds, but for Battery models there will always be longer delay to help extend battery life. The delay can be reduced to a minimum by changing…

Settings > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency setting > Frequent

but this can shorten the battery life deoending on how many additional recordings are triggered. It’s a balancing act.

This feature request has been in the backlog for 2 yrs or more. Now it’s posted dated March 2020 as if it’s a new FR. What happened to the hundreds of posts over the past two yrs. This is not a usability enhancement this is a security enhancement. It’s a joke that these are called security cameras. They take forever to load and when there is a thief about to rob you the camera stops recording. When will this company give their customers what they need? Let us worry about our battery. Your excuse as to why the option is not available is mute. It won’t matter if battery has juice if the can fails to record the entire incident on camera. Now you’ve made near impossible to reach a support person. Warning to users if you are considering buying these stick up cams don’t!

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Regardless if the adjustable recording setting is there or not for the device to change within the app, the feature is useless to the entire RING community with it only being 30 or 60 seconds.

Until this is expanded to 2-3 minutes minimum, your response to make this ‘fix’ appear to be useful to any of us, it’s not.

Chelsea, when was the last time a crime/event that was committed that only lasted 30-60 seconds that you needed video of it. Never. 30-60 seconds is a blink of an eye and it never captures the entire series of events. I’m sorry.


Recording length is not an option listed for any of our three 1st generation Ring Video Doorbell devices. The recording length is now down to 10 seconds, which is completely unusable. We have been paying $10 a month for the 3 devices for years now and will be cancelling in the very near future.

I am seeing recordings stop 10 seconds after the last motion was detected. This is a really bad setup - we had a delivery show up and trigger the camera (this is good). The driver didn’t get out for 10 seconds, so the recording stopped (bad). The camera never started again after the driver exited the van, walked up to the front door, and left the package on the wet grass. We would have liked to share that clip with Amazon, but 10 seconds isn’t enough.

This is terrible, and it will be providing negative feedback on this Amazon purchase.