Recording Does Not Exist

Probably started two days ago.

When I want to watch the motion video.

The App show “Recording Does Not Exist”

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you

Hey @Weiluen. It seems your Ring Protect Plan may have expired or is not active at the time the recording was made, and therefore it did not save. Have you ensured your plan is active, or reached out to our support team for this? I recommend to chat or call in here to get this addressed!

I am sure that my plan has not expired. Please check my attachment.

By the way, the live video function also borken. The screen show the live video is ended.

@Weiluen Although you may see that the plan is fine for now on your end, our support team may have to make a back end change in order to show it as active overall and store the recordings. They can also ensure the Live View is working for you as well. This is normally a quick fix, so please reach out to our support team over the phone here.

Does the customer service phone support Chinese? I can not speak English.

@Weiluen I recommend to call in our US number and ask for an interrupter. We have a Language Line where they can get an interrupter on the line to help further assist!

I try to perform a hardware reset and reconfiguration.

Then everything seems to be back to normal.

Thank you for your help.

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