Recording cutting off shorter than set length

Why is my Ring doorbell 3 cutting off recording mid action? I have video record length set at 120 seconds, but it’s cutting off after just a few in some instances. These instances are the ones on my doorstep and the ones I really need to record, having been assaulted by my neighbour. It’s the whole reason I got this in the first place. It records passers by til they’ve left the shot, but neighbours and postman etc are cut off.

Hi @Manta. There could be a few things contributing to your video being cut short. What is the RSSI of your device? This can be found in the Device Health tile in your Ring app. A poor RSSI can cause intermittent connection. I would also check to see how your Motion Frequency is set. This will dictate the dwell time in between recordings, which may cause you to not record a full event.

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RSSI 50-55. I have WiFi booster right on the other side of the front door with good speeds so I don’t know how I could make it any better. Device health reports are always good. I have set all setting to on now, so my battery is draining buy it’s starting to work closer to how I think it should do, for a substantial outlay on equipment.