Recording Answered Motion

I’ve got a Ring Pro doorbell installed and set up. I’ve got motion alerts set up as well as the ring alerts, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t record motion when it’s answered.

There are several people/phones who have access to the doorbell, so if even one person answers it, nobody else can look back to see who or what it was. And of course for security purposes, it would be nice if that could be set.

I don’t see any options in the settings. Is it possible to still record motion alerts? Or would we need to get in the habit of not checking the notification for 30 seconds??

Hi @Justin_Flowers, are you subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan? With an active subscription for your device, all events are automatically recorded and saved to your cloud storage. From there, all events should be accessible by looking into the event history. This means that any motion event, ding event, or accessing the Live View when there is no alert is recorded and stored, no matter if the event was answered or not. The only way for an event to not be stored is if the event is deleted from the event history or there is no active subscription.


Thank you. I had seen that there were protection plans but honestly never looked into them or considered them. I will consider doing so, thank you for sharing that with me.

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This still does not address the issue. I have a protect plan and the same thing happens to me. If there is a motion alert and I answer it, it immediately stops recording. So if I take 10 seconds to answer it then there is only 10 seconds of video recorded. The rest does not go into another recording or anywhere else. What is worse, when I answer it, it will only play that 10 seconds of video. It is impossible to ever see what happens after I answer a motion.

I get the same issue sometimes.
It just happened now, I’m at work and my girlfriend is home, the door went, I pressed to open the notification then closed it immediately. I thought it was just the Royal Mail so I ignored it, then got a DHL Delivered text. I opened the ring app and the motion event for the DHL van driving up is there, and there is a thumbnail of the DHL man at the door, but no “answered ring” activity to even anything to show the doorbell was pressed… I cant find the video of the man in the thumbnail anywhere…
It’s worth noting that this doesn’t always happen, most of the time it saves, but I’ve had a few “answered” rings that don’t save the event/video

Edit: the video is typically now there :wink: maybe impatience is my issue!

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