Recorded history

How far back can you view stored history and how do you access it.

Hey @MikeW1960. You can learn more about Video Recordings and how long they are stored for in our Help Center Article here. You can view these videos at any time in your Ring app > Main Menu > History, or going into the Event History in your device’s profile page under the Main Menu > Devices > Device to view history for. Please note that i f you do not have a Ring Protect Plan, recordings will not be stored. Purchase of a Ring Protect Plan will not give you access to recordings from before the plan takes effect. Any lapse in coverage makes previous recordings you may have had inaccessible and removes them.


I know you’re the admin and not a Ring product manager so please don’t take any percieved animosity personally.

So, my real question is: This is *my* footage is it not? Should there not be an option for me–the owner of the footage–to save to my computer? Yes, I realize Ring is so magnanimous that that for 30 days on this free trial they so graciously allow me to painstakingingly click on each blip of footage and hit the download button, but it sounds like that goes away after 30 days, unless I pay up. I spent a lot of money on this thing and I am the owner of the footage. So I would at least get clarification on the following items:

  1. Is there no free option to get at least a couple of days of cloud storage so I have at least one second to download something I may need to my computer? Suppose I’m out of town and a package arrives and I’m, say, living life and at a beach and not staring at my phone all friggin’ day. Then I get back to the hotel, I know a package was going to arrive about this time, so I go to see what happened and POOF—sorry, you didn’t pay up so you can’t see the video of the UPS guy that drop-kicked your package to the porch.

  2. Currently to dowload videos it’s not too bad–I click the video in the left pane and hit download on the right. But suppose I want to browse later–say, again–I’ve got life-living things to do and will check on, say, the reports from the NextDoor app I heard of theives checking for ulocked cars in my neigbhorhod–but later, not this minue. Maybe see if they checked my car, mabye I can help. Anyway, Instead of right now checking 60 motion videos from the night, how about a button “Download All of Today’s Videos”? One click.

Thank you for any help–and again–any snarkiness is not directed towards you.