Can anyone help me, around 2pm I went out and the camera has me leaving. Then about half hour later someone went into my garden and took a ball to play with but didn’t record the footage and about 10 mins after that the ball was kicked into my garden and the person then again went to collect my ball… so how come it didn’t record first incident but got the second, it has happened before. And when I’m in the garden for a hour it only record a few 20 second clips but not my intire time… what is going wrong. Because I wanted to know the ball was taken first time… I came back and removed some items from my garden after this. -again not recorded and u can see the items in one clip then next clip nothing, no film of me coming home and moving stuff

Hi @Howardboi. I would adjust the Motion Frequency on your Ring device. You can find out more about Motion Frequency in this Help Center article here. To adjust, open the Ring app and select- Menu > Devices > (Ring Device) > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency and then choose Frequent to make sure you don’t miss anything.