Record at home without notifications

How can I keep recording while at home but without motion notifications?

Glad you asked, @Freewheeling! There are a few ways to accomplish this, depending on scenario. For the times of the day when you are commonly at home and do not want to receive motion alerts, motion scheduling is a great option. This will allow you to set a custom schedule throughout the day/ week, that will prevent notifications while motion events still record.

For days when you are home, and let’s say outside of the motion schedule listed above, the motion snooze feature will accomplish something similar, but on demand. With motion snooze you can silence your motion alerts for a specified duration of time from initiation. Last but not least, is the manual motion alerts toggle. While we recommend using snooze, the motion alert toggles for each individual Camera might be useful in some instances. Just remember to enable it when you want alerts again. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: