Reconnecting with New Network

While trying to connect my wireless printer a week ago, I inadvertently pressed the reset button on the modem; as a result, I had to rename my network.

I then noticed that my doorbell was offline. Someone posted that all I need to do was go into Device Health, tap on Change WiFi, & then select the new network. When I go into Device Health, though, there’s no option to Change WiFi; instead, I need to remove the doorbell, press the orange button on the back, etc.

So is there actually a way to just change the network, without having to remove the doorbell? Thanks for any help.

Hi @BruceZ. If you go through reconnecting your Doorbell by using the option “Change your WiFi” in your Device Health, it will still require that you push the setup button on your Doorbell. This Help Center article here will guide you through the steps of reconnecting it. You can also just start a new setup of the Doorbell if you can’t find the reconnection option. If you’re reconnecting your Doorbell to your wifi, changing the network, or doing a new setup, you have to push the setup button on the Doorbell.

Thank you. I had seen the article you provided, but another article suggested that all you had to do was press “change network,” and boom, you just had to find and select it from the list.

I guess you could say that I’m disappointed but not really surprised that it wasn’t quite that simple.

Hopefully, with the help of your article, now I’ll be successful.

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