Reconnecting Ring Pro from a remote location

My Ring Pro doorbell appears to be offline. I am away from my home for the next week and would like to reconnect my doorbell if possible. I have verified my home network is functioning and it appears the power supply, at last check, was satisfactory. Is there a way to reconnect the doorbell from a remote location?

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Hi @Winniesdad31. There is not a way to remotely reconnect your Ring Pro to wifi. When you are home, try using the steps outlined in the Help Center article here to get your Ring Pro back online.

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Has this issue been fixed in the last 7 months? Not being able to reconnect remotely renders this device totally useless. The whole point of having the Ring is for security when I’m traveling.


Totally useless! I am away from home for two more months and now this system is useless. Even my cheapo cameras are still online as is my thermostat.

I absolutely LOVED these cameras and service but this is a deal breaker.

To think that all it takes is a slight break in power and they are unable to reconnect without a total new setup? That is NOT SECURITY.


In most cases, as soon as the circumstances that caused the disconnect to occur clear up, your Ring device will automatically reconnect to the network. Very rarely though, your Ring device will remain disconnected. In this case, assessing the network connectivity to ensure it is dependable and then reconnecting your Video Doorbell is the best next step. There is not a way to remotely reconnect the Doorbell to wifi, as it cannot communicate with the Ring app when it’s offline.

I completely agree. This is very disappointing. I rent my home six months out of the year and my ring has been off-line for a few weeks now because I cannot remotely reconnect it and I do not see a solution for a friend with privileges to my ring to reconnect, as I can invite a member to my ring and they could then re-enable the Wi-Fi that would be extremely useful.

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