Reconnect to WiFi remotely

Hi there folks, I have the Ring stickup battery cam (V3) at my home in the UK and have been overseas for a bit.

The other day having received a 30% battery warning I completely lost signal with the camera.

For a day afterwards it still said it was online but not connectable and then subsequently that the WiFi is down.

I have been unsuccessful in reconnecting it ever since. My assumption is that despite the battery warning that this is a WiFi issue. If that is the case there is naturally nothing I can do to fix the router right now. However I DO have a second router working in my building I could connect to instead.

My question is this. Is it possible for me to connect the camera in the UK to a new WiFi network in that building remotely as I obviously can’t get home to do it myself?

Thanks in advance

Hey @RKTV. When reconnecting a Ring device, you must be with the device to press the setup button, and then it will need to connect to a wifi network in the area, which sounds like it will still only be your home wifi network. Unless you have a neighbor’s wifi you can connect to, you will still need to make sure you or someone else with access to the Ring app/your account can do it for you. Once you’re ready to reconnect it, you can follow the steps in our Help Center Article here.

This the dumbest functionality that RING could build in. The whole purpose of Ring is to remotely monitor your premises. Power outages are common everywhere. Not being able to reconnect after an outage means losing access to monitoring until you return.

I’ve had many power outages and even some for days. My devices always reconnect without any further intervention. There must be an issue with your internet that causes this.
But, how can Ring make a remote reconnect if it can’t connect in the first place…

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