Reconnect Doorbell after Wifi Passowrd Change

I recently changed my wifi password, but have been unable to reconnect my doorbell to the wifi. I figured out from other posts that I need to go to Devices → Doorbell → Device Health → Network, and then select Change Network to enter the new password and connect my device to the wifi. However, there is no “Change Network” option, or anything similar, anywhere in this menu or any others. As such, I am unable to connect any of my devices, including the alarm itself, to the wifi. After searching everywhere else, I finally uninstalled and reinstalled the app, to no avail. I can test the wifi, which just takes me to a speed test page. The device menu tells me that it is disconnected from wifi and needs to be reconnected in order to operate, but provides no directions as to how to reconnect it. I’m not sure if im just completely missing something here, can anyone help me? If I can just locate in the app where I can reconnect, I’ll be able to knock it out in 30 seconds.Thank you!

Hi @User62784. Can you share a screenshot of what options you do see? Are you a Shared User for the Ring app? The Device Health page is where WiFi network changes are made.

Almost had the same problem, talk to an agent, helped me step by step. After clicking device health, should be seing the change network just right below status. Then change wifi. It should work.

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maybe youre account is only added as a shared user