Recommended Motion Settings for Outdoor Stick Up Cam

Hey everyone,

I have two Stick Up Cams (Solar) that I am using at my house - one in the front yard and one in the back yard. I am having trouble fine tuning the settings. If I set the Motion Settings and Motion Frequency to max under normal circumstances (a calm day) it works fine. If the wind blows or it rains, this seems to “overload” the camera and it has to be reset. Anyone have any recommendations for each setting or maybe experience with fine tuning the settings? At max settings I LOVE how much of my yard it captures but even at 75% detection it drastically reduces the motion it captures. I’m just curious what advice people have to get it working properly.

Even in a fairly shaded area the cameras seem to keep a solid charge. The wifi connection gets a little questionable at times (despite strong singals) but other than that they are solid. If I can just get them a little more stable with good detection I will be a happy camper.

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