Recode motions for 30 sec only

How i can increase 30-sec motions recording ,

@mqn wrote:
How i can increase 30-sec motions recording ,

@mqn , I’m assuming your camera is battery operated, and therefore is limited to 30 second at a time.

Although battery powered Ring cameras record in 30 second “batches” (most hardwired cams record up to 1 minute long “batches”), Battery cams are set to a default Motion-Frequency setting that will limit activated recordings. Since battery-life can be rapidly depleted, the default setting on your cam is set so it doesn’t capture every event. Adjust your “Motion Frequency” to “Frequent”. You can change that by selecting the “Devices” from the main menu > select your cam > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency > then select “Frequent” (note: the Motion-Frequency option is often missed, because you may have to scroll down below Motion-Schedule). This way, every motion should activate the start of a new “batch” recording, so when the 30 seconds it finished, then there will be a slight delay and it should start recording another new “batch”, if it still detects motion.

Hi @mqn ,

I wanted to UPDATE since my last post to you. Although it is a “slow-roll-out”, a newer feature now allows you to select/adjust your length of video between 15-seconds to 120-seconds! Some of us already have this in our App, and some do not. But, the good news is that it is coming to you (if it hasn’t already).

Here is more detailed information about this new feature: