Recharging my Ring Doorbell 2nd Generation

Just got an e-mail from my doorbell ( yeah, surprised me, too) that the battery was low, so I took it out of the holder and plugged it in with the charging cord that came with it. When I read the on line directions for recharging it says that I will see red and green flashing lights until it goes solid green to indicate it is fully charged. I do not get red and green lights, only blinking blue light. Is this normal?

Glad you asked, @Carpetshark! The red/ green lights mentioned are in regards to the quick release battery pack. If your Video Doorbell Model uses one of these quick release batteries, there will be lights shown on the battery itself. As for a Doorbell model that is charging via micro usb port on the back of the Doorbell itself, the front led ring around the button will show blue, as you’ve observed. It sounds like you may have one of these models. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: