Recently purchased and installed Ring video Doorbell 3, I am missing night mode in video setting ?

I recently purschased video doorbell 3 and set it up, but in my ring app, i dont see night mode option/color mode options… I did not subscribe, i will be subscribing once my trial period is over… but why am i missing night mode currently ?

Hi @RK1984. The night vision will automatically toggle on whenever the Doorbell’s view gets dark enough. Color night vision is only available for our wired devices, as outlined in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile:

my issue is in the night… its dark and i cant see anything from my ring video doorbell other than dark view… so trying to see the night mode feature … but i dont even see any option to turn on or turn off.anything so see something different… either dark or black/white or color image…

so trying to see, why i cant view anything in the night from my ring. when i turn on my outside light i can see again… so this is weired … so trying to get some answers.

@RK1984 To clarify, there is no night vision toggle on the Doorbell. It will automatically come on whenever the Doorbell’s view is too dark. If you have any type of outdoor lighting near the Doorbell, this may be impacting the night vision’s ability to click on. Feel free to attach a screenshot of the Doorbell’s Live View at night and I’d be happy to take a look and let you know if everything looks normal.

This is how it looks in night mode for me without any light outside my porch …
If I turn on my porch lights is good but I can’t keep my lights on porch always

This is how it’s in night in live view

@RK1984 Thanks for sharing that screenshot. It looks like the wall on the left side of the Doorbell’s view is reflecting the light from the Doorbell off of it, which is causing the rest of the view to be much darker than it should be. You can utilize a Corner Kit to angle your Doorbell’s view away from the wall, which should help even out the brightness in its overall view. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: