Recently changed our WIFI - No option to Reconnect to WIFI showing?

We recently changed from Spectrum to Alta Fiber for our WIFI. Our Ring Spotlight Cam is showing offiline. We have recharged the battery since it says the battery is at 4%. There is NOT an option to Reconnect Wifi. How can I get it to reconnect to our new Wifi? I’m sure it is trying to connect to the old wifi with Spectrum. Thanks!

Did you change your internet provider? Or did you change the name and password for your wifi? For example, when we changed our router, we kept the names and password the same, and all set up devices automatically reconnected.

I don’t have a Spotlight Cam, but I think the menu for all devices should be the same. In the Android app, go to the “Device Health” menu. About 2/3 down on the screen, click on “Change Network,” and that should walk you though how to change the wifi information associated with the device. Note that you will need physical access to the device.

This article might help.

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