Recently all my Floodlight Pros turn on without motion (and stay on)?

I noticed about 2 days ago all 4 of my Floodlight Pros turn on and stay on without any motion. I will manually go into the app and turn them off and then will notice that within an hour they’ll all turn on again, and stay on. They all usually turn on around the same time and will stay on until manually turned off. Granted it’s been colder (40 degrees) in the last couple of evenings, but does anyone have any ideas what could have caused this? A possible firmware/software app update maybe? I know the sensors couldn’t have all gone bad at the same time in all 4 lights. I’ve rebooted each device and the RSSI is green for all 4 Floodlight Pros.

Update here. Recently Amazon added an Alexa skill to turn on “all lights” when motion is detected by Echo devices. My floodlights were a part of a device group “all lights”. In addition to my indoor light turning on (connected to an Amazon Smart Plug), all my outdoor Ring Floodlight Pros turned on when the Echo device detected motion inside my house. Once I disabled this skill, the problem was solved.

Hi @user19278. I’m glad to hear you were able to get this resolved! Thank you for sharing the steps on how you solved this as well. Many neighbors utilize Amazon Alexa devices, so they may have a similar experience with this recent Alexa app update.

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