Recent app update is a disaster (Ring Video 3 Plus)

Is there any QA at Ring?
With the latest update today, 5-12:

  • I can’t see live view anymore. Shows “activating” endlessly. I literally can’t use it right now. It’s a few hundred dollar brick essentially.
  • can’t adjust motion zone sensitivity. App used to show you a view of how far out the slider effects the motion sensitivity, but now that view is gone, leaving you to blindly guess
  • HDR won’t save in settings. Set it, leave the app, come back, HDR is always set to off.

I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, latest updates.
I’ve restarted my phone and I’ve re-paired the Ring.
I’ve tried with WiFi and LTE. I have gigabit internet, speed is not a problem.
Horrible experience, and I regret my purchase.
I hope Ring can fix this but if not, I won’t keep paying the monthly fee for the Plan option, and I’ll get something else


Having the same problems on and off. The last update was bad but this is way worse. Only just got this doorbell and it’s my first Ring device. Seems like it’s a piece of crap. Little or no motion detection close up but picks up the traffic 50 metres away! Crazy stuff.

Yeah, it is pretty bad.

They really need to update things.

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Okay, i thought i was loosing my mind, i recently purchased the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus as my first Ring doorbell and really enjoyed to ability to control the motion sensitivity and then all of a sudden my number of false motion detections started spiking and i no longer have that sensitivity control like before.

has anyone from Ring provided any reasoning for removing this feature? does anyone understand how this new sensitivity can be configured appropriately now?

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It’s a complete joke!

Live has not worked via iPhone app nor iMac app since 5/4/20 after 3:40pm Mountain time. I have working history prior to 5/4/20 3:40pm MT, but nothing after. I see all of the alerts/motions in the history log, but they are not clickable, they will not launch a video. All of the ones prior to 5/4 launch fine. Something happened on or around this date to RING. I am not the only one experiencing this issue. And when you call customer service, they want you to do all sorts of ‘waste of time’ troubleshooting like resetting your router and pulling your doorbell off the wall and completely uninstalling and resetting it. WHAT!?!?!?! NO. This has worked almost perfectly for years, now all of a sudden tons of customers are having live/video issues and your solution is to run them in stupid troubleshooting circles? Be better. Or I will just find another more reliable brand. Anyone else seeing this crap? Everything is working except for live. My motion alerts work and log. My doorbell actually rings an audible sound when pressing the button. I see “live views” in the history, I just cannot access/click on them, nor can I launch live. So if everything else is working except for live, why on earth are these guys wanting me to tear it all down and reinstall. Ridiculous.

Power Source: Hard Wired

Power Status: Very Good

Signal Strength: RSSI-52

Firmware: Up to date

RapidRingApp: Does not work either

Ring Team - when you are you going to admit you have a LIVE issue and fix it? Additionally, why is the RING Community team removing my REPLIES about this LIVE issue on other members postings about the same issue? You are saying it is “spam posting”. Do please contact me and educate me as to how me REPLYING to other members to let them know I am having the same issue is spam posting. I am not starting multiple threads (which WOULD be spam). I am REPLYING to other members having the same issue. Is the problem that you don’t want to admit there is an actual issue with LIVE and don’t want your members talking about it and connecting the dots? Why else would you remove my posts, Ring team? This is a FORUM, right? Am I actually not allowed to REPLY to other members created threads that I am having the same issue? Really? REALLY?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Another nail in the RING coffin. Do we have your actual attention on this matter yet? Also, there is this crazy little thing called process of elimination for accurate troubleshooting. If my RSSI is good, my connection is strong and literally ALL OTHER FEATURES are working in my RING, except for LIVE VIEW, how could this possibly be an issue on the homeowner side? Baffling you guys would not realize this.

I am having the same exactly problem. I started using the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus on Sunday and I am not happy. This is my first Ring device. I bought it since I was with the impression that I could costumize the “motion zones”, which I don’t think it allows me to do. When I click Live it says that is activating the device and nothing happens. When I get a notification that someone is at the door, the person already left. I will contact Ring and if nothing changes I am returning this device.

I have the original Ring Doorbell and am have similar issues with live view not work. Also have super delayed motions notifications when they work at all. What’s weird is when I do try live view from the app the camera records, the footage shows up in my timeline but I don’t get the live view in the app.

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Disable modes

Yep these things are absolute junk now!