Receiving desktop alerts in Windows

Hi all, just installed and possibly asking a really basic question. The scenario is really simple and I’d guess common.

When the doorbell is pressed at the front of the house, I want a notification on a PC at the back of the house.

Windows has a built in Notification capability and a “systray” so apps can alert a user to issues such as battery level. The Ring solution seems to be I need to keep a browser running all day (not possible), or use the app (which is being discontinued).

I must be missing something really simple and would appreciate any thoughts

2nd ask is the doorbell and chime appear on the Android app, but only the chime appears on the “Ring - Always Home” desktop app. Any ideas?

What’s the difference between running an app all day vs. having a browser open all day?
Hate to say it but many folks just use their cell phones, tables, or Echo type devices to get their notifications on. I’ve never really saw the need for using any of my computers as the main conduit for notifications from my doorbell as I prefer to turn them off when not in use, whereas my cell phones are typically powered all the time.

Small difference but SysTray apps use negligible resources, perform a specific tasks and are design for just this sort of purpose. I don’t have a browser open all day but do work on a PC all day, hence the convenience of PC alerts rather than phone