Received email for stickup camera exchange

Get your replacement
Stick Up Cam.
Your Stick Up Cam may not be performing to our standards. Replace your device for free with the latest Stick Up Cam by entering the code below at checkout on

Is this legit?

I received the same email. It looked surprising legit and one of my stick up cams has actually stopped working. I was wary because even though it appeared to have been sent from a non-spoofed email, GMail said that it had been translated out of Slovenian. I called Ring rather than risk trying the Redemption Code in the email and while the CSR seemed less than concerned about official looking phishing emails being sent out to Ring customers, he did confirm that they didn’t send me any emails and I have no replacement stick up cam coming my way. So my momentary Monday morning joy was short lived and I’m back to it just being Monday and I am still down a cam.

Sorry for the long winded reply and hope that this is helpful in some way.


I went to, login to my account. Clicked the “shop ring”, placed the stick up camera in my cart. Went to checkout, view order. Cut and paste code from email into discount apply offer, cost is now zero from $99.00. I completed order, shipping free. Didn’t ask for any credit card information.

Will see if the camera is shipped

I got the same email. Not sure why, but it’s legit. I went on chat to ask what the issue was, they said I’d have to call.

Hey neighbors! We can confirm Ring is proactively reaching out to our neighbors via email that have a Ring Video Doorbell or Stickup Cam that are eligible for a free replacement. These replacements will ensure that our neighbors have devices that are operating optimally and have the best possible neighbor experience our Ring neighbors deserve! If you are unsure if the email you received is legitimate, you can always reach out to Ring support via phone here to confirm.

Very legit - I now have a replacement camera.

However, we have two (both 3rd gen) and I’m not sure which one to replace.