Received a replacement doorbell, what do I need to return?

Hi there, I have received a replacement for a faulty Ring Doorbell Pro (great service BTW :slight_smile: ).

I just wanted to confirm what the support staff member told me over the phone, namely that I only need to return the faulty doorbell itself? I have the original Ring power adapter as well as the face plates, etc., and I am pretty sure I can even find the original box that has the screwdriver, some cables and so on.

Just checking if I should try to find everything I can (some items are obviously used) including the original box or should I just send back the doorbell?

Thanks everyone!

Hi @edgeman. Correct, you only need to return the Doorbell itself. Any accessories or installation tools that came with it are yours to keep, as we only need the Doorbell itself returned. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks Caitlyn, it will save me some time digging through my messy garage, thanks for the info!

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