Receive notifications but app states off line

I work for a major cable company as a commercial technician i install everything from basic cable to fiber optic’s, mesh networks and everything in between including our own doorbell camera and security systems. so i am well versed in wi-fi up and down load speeds etc… the only reason i even have a ring doorbell is it was a Christmas gift .that said it will not show video i only get notifications so i know its o the internet plus i can see it and how strong its connection is in the gooey (modems firm ware) in my modem. i have gigabit plus my speed is 1.45 gigs not megs, my rssi is 38 on my phone standing beside the doorbell. a call to the service center got me nowhere. they just keep saying my wi-fi is not strong enough (rssi). after 10s of minutes explaining that my mesh network extender is pugged in on the opposite side of the wall that the doorbell is on, she finely said my brand new unit was bad, i did not think that was the issue but they were going to send a replacement at no charge. fast forward guess what the replacement is doing the exact same thing. in the app everything is in the green and it still says off line, our units are not this hard to set up. why is this one not working.

Hi @amcabbott. The next best step would be to contact our support team once more since this is an ongoing concern. Since you have worked with them before, you may ask to work with our more advanced technical team to take a deeper look and further investigate your replacement Doorbell.

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