Receive door & other sensor alerts in disarmed mode

My traditional alarm system allowed me to receive alerts from a variety of sensors even in disarmed mode. Here is a specific use case:

I’m at home, the system is disarmed. My front door has a ring door sensor. My kids are going in and out of the house and playing in the neighborhood. I’d like to receive an alert on my mobile app if my front-door is left open for more than 15 min, while the system is disarmed.

There are many such use-cases where in the alarm is disarmed, but the subscriber can benefit from alerts from some specific sensors. I think that Ring already supports this function for the Water sensor.

I’d love to know if the Ring Alarm system already has this capability for the Door/Window contact sensor.

Hi @user0071. You’re able to receive notifications when a Contact Sensor is opened, regardless of the Mode that your Ring Alarm system is in. However, it sounds like you are referring specifically to a notification if a Contact Sensor has been open for a certain amount of time. Currently, that is not an option in the Ring app. Other neighbors have requested this before, which you can find here on our Feature Request board. Feel free to add a comment and vote on that request. Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.
How can I receive the notifications on the mobile app for the Contacts sensors while the system is disarmed?

@user0071 Open and Closer Alerts, which are delivered to your phone as a push notification, are controlled on the device profile page for each Contact Sensor, and are not dependent on the Mode that your Ring Alarm system is in. In the Ring app tap the menu in the top left > Devices > Contact Sensor > make sure Open Alerts and Closed Alerts are toggled on. To clarify, this is only a push notification when the Contact Sensor is opened or when it is closed.

Hi, this does not work for me at all. I have these alerts on, but nothing gets pushed to my phone. I’ve turned them off and back on, and there is no change. Ring is allows to send notifications in my iOS settings. iPhone 13.

Hi @CT_Woods. I have responded to your post regarding the same concern.

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