Realistic Doorbell Pro Health

What’s your Ring Video Doorbell Pro Health?

Right now, mine is:
Firmware 1.16.00263
3990 mV
RSSI -53 (5GHz WiFi network)

Using a new16V, 30VA doorbell transformer.


My posting above was about 12 hours ago.
My Ring Pro indicates 4039 mV now, all else looks the same.
I see from my router logs that the Ring Pro had reconnected 7 hours ago. So, the doorbell either reconnected or rebooted, and the voltage went up.

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4003 mV

RSSI -52

My voltage just says “good”, no details. >> EDIT: clicking it says 4012mv

Firmware 1.16.00267

RSSI -54

Using the Ring direct power supply for the Pro, had no existing transformer.

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@Brad wrote:

My voltage just says “good”, no details.

Firmware 1.16.00267

RSSI -54

Using the Ring direct power supply for the Pro, had no existing transformer.

If I click on “Good”, it shows the voltage.

My firmware version number is no longer visible, possibly with the update to the Ring app.

It just says “Up to Date”.

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Just as a reference, I also have a chime and a wifi indoor cam, both have RSSI -46. My other cams are POE.

4017 mV

RSSI -52


4012 mV

RSSI -54

Anybody know how to get the firmware version number?

Now, it always only says “Up to Date” :frowning:

3772 mv


device is offline a couple days after replacing the transformer it worked 24 hours and died.

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Last reported voltage: GOOD, 3921mv

Last reported signal strength: RSSI -62 (green)

Last health check 11/19/2019 8:24pm

Firmware 1.16.00263

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RSSI -55

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Updated to Android Ring app v3.21.0
Firmware version shows up now: 2.1.01005 :heart:

RSSI -55

Added a WiFi Range Extender about 4 feet across 1 exterior wall of my Pro doorbell, and dBm increased by 10!

RSSI -45

Firmware v2.1.01005

I currently have 4011 mV and -58, but motion alert videos constantly say “processing” and take 5-7 minutes to finally be available on the timeline.

Will increasing the signal strength speed up the video processing?

Always over 4000 mV
RSSI- 56 usually. Goes up to a best of 46 I have an Archer C9 router at about 30 feet away. Also does anyone know why my ssid is in ‘red’ letters (my WiFi name)? I always have solid internet. Why is it in red?

RSSI -54 (I turned off my Mesh node)

Updated Android Ring app to v3.22.3 (2/21/2020)
Firmware version: 2.2.00097

Latest firm ware and RSSI -38, i have a wifi extender about 4 feet from the door

I had an extender at one point but when I did a (at doorbell location with door closed) it was really low mb/s. But I had good RSSI around 32.
So I went back to just my router at RSSI- 53 but now I get back to decent mb/s upload and download speeds. There is always a little delay no matter what. So I wouldn’t worry too much on the RSSI. Unless it’s over 60/65. Just a reference #.

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RSSI 43 and there are still issues with live view

I have a nice router even though it’s 9 years old. I get 1200mb/s DL speeds.
So when I get the RSSI @ 53. I still get great results. So I do t know what kind of router you have but you might need an upgrade. Also. Live View might be affected by their (Ring) servers as well. Just as long as your recording properly and can go back and view past events. You’re fine.