Real user differences between the V3 and V4 doorbell

Hello. I am new here and to the Ring World

I am looking at my first purchase of the doorbell. I am looking between getting the V3 or V4 and have looked at all the tech sheets on the website, but now asking on here for the real used differences between the two models.

I would normally jump straight to the newest model as that’s is the way of future proofing myself. However sure to the type of job I have. I get a discount code, but it only works on the V3 hence this forum asking all your thoughts. Plus I missed the Christmas deals on Ring-Uk website. Which if I was a few hours quicker,I would of got the V4 then

Many thanks to you all for any replies

Hi @Lee69h. You can find a comparison of the different Doorbell models here, which goes over the power requirements and what features are available on each Doorbell. The main difference between the Video Doorbell 3 and the Video Doorbell 4 is that the Doorbell 4 has color Pre-Roll compared to black and white on the Doorbell 3. I hope this helps with your decision. :slight_smile: