Reactivating a camera that was deactivated

My Ring camera deactivated. It worked one minute and I received an email that it was deactivated the next. Ring’s technical support is a disaster. Two long calls and the personnel didn’t seem to have any idea how to help me reactivate the camera. In the most recent call, last night, the rep kept telling me the battery was on empty, even though it’s a plug in camera, not a battery camera! I suggested that if she didnt have the information to activate my camera, she ask a manager to help me. Instead, after a few rounds of placing me on hold to research, she simply disconnected and ended the call. Does anyone have experience reactivating a Ring camera, or is the best solution to return it for a refund? Thank you.


See this link:

Good luck!

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Hi @ToddSh. When you say “deactivated”, are you referring to the device being offline, or that the device has been removed from your account by the account owner? What specific camera model do you have? What is the RSSI for this device? This information is located in the Device Health menu of the Ring app.