Re: transferring from solar panel to hardwire

I would also like to switch from a solar panel to a hardwired. Im moving and the new home has an existing doorbell with a wired power source can this be done or do I need to buy a new doorbell any help would be appreciated i believe i have the 3rd or possibility 2nd generation video doorbell

Glad you asked, @Kds8684! When it comes to power supply or method, our devices are designed to detect a compatible addition of power. Going from Solar Charger to using wiring requires nothing more than the proper wire connection and voltage rating. Please ensure the transformer supplying the power is rated for 8v to 24v AC. Nothing more should need to be done in the Ring app, other than selecting chime type from general settings, if a chime kit is wired in and being used. Of course, the Solar Panel and existing wires cannot be used together. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The back of my camera looks like this and im currently using this solar panel which base do I need to purchase to switch to hardwired