Re: Security Cams Feature Request

All of my outdoor cameras are battery powered. I have two batteries in each camera and each camera is attached to a solar panel. I haven’t had change the battery in any of them since I put them up there. They use a little power from one battery, then recharge themselves up to 100%. I bought a solar panel for my Ring 2 doorbell too, but there was only two places we could put it and neither got enough sun to charge the battery. I had to change the battery every 3 weeks or so. We moved it from beside the front door to the opposite wall so it points toward the driveway and the walkway to my porch. It also covers the front door and the mailbox. I still had to change the battery but ever since the daylight saving change the sun comes in at an angle and the battery has been hovering around 60%. As long as the doorbell is charging itself, all I have to do is monitor it once in a while.

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