Re: Security Cams Feature Request

I have a floodlight can and may have the same issue. During this summer a women walked up and went through my mailbox. By the time the video stopped buffering and I was able to view the recorded video she had left my property. I need to see the video as the action is happening the buffering delay defeats the purpose. Please address this issue


Hey @Molly! It sounds like recordings are just fine, but the live streaming of an even is not working as intended. When this is the case, it usually has to do with common connection variables. Live stream depends heavily on wifi signal strength and resources. Check out our Community post about RSSI to ensure yours is sufficient for live video.

Other variables such as distance from router, interference between the router and Cam, and even the age or capability of a router, can come into play with live video streaming concerns. Checking all of these things, will ensure your network is optimized for a dependable live stream. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app may also help to optimize connection within the app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Check out the new Rapid Ring App. It’s more of a stripped down app that works in conjunction with the regular Ring app. It doesn’t have all settings in it, but if you turn on your camera notifications in the Rapid Ring app, the live camera view (answered motions), load almost instantly with very little buffering.


Thank you for taking the time to help with my issue. Silly question, is this available through Ring? If so, I have not seen or heard of it before.

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Yes, the Rapid Ring app is made by Ring. Just download it from the app store (apple or android). Turn on your notifications in the Rapid Ring app, it will automatically turn them off in the regular Ring app so you don’t get duplicate notifications from two different apps for the same thing. From then on you’ll recieve your notifications from the Rapid Ring app, and your video feed will load almost instantly. You can still go check live camera views from your regular Ring app too, but it’ll still load slower, like it curently does, and you’ll still have to go into your regular Ring app to make changes to settings. The Rapid Ring app is basically just for getting fast live views, like when someone rings your doorbell or you get a motion notification.

The Rapid Ring app even has a button to press that will take you directly to the regular Ring app.

I am getting duplicate notifications since I started using the Rapid Ring. It did not shut them off…How do I only get notifications from only one app?

I have a schedule for notifications on my ring floodlight…am I going to lose the schedule using the rapid ring? I use the schedule for a reason so as not to get notifications during the day.

why do I need a separate app to get a quick live view anyway???