Re: Ring doorbell audio

I have a couple of the floodlight cameras and the doorbell 2. I had all of the cameras changed out for different issues. When you call for support it’s an hour wait every time plus another hour telling you what to do to troubleshoot the problem. It’s always reset the hardware and reset the app or delete and install the app again and finally reset your internet router. It’s simply frustrating. I now have the same issue with all my devices and that is the audio and mic. They can’t seem to understand what I’m saying and when I talk on the mobile app they can’t hear what I say. I am strongly considering the nest cams right about now. For Ring being a reputable company their products are unreliable.

Sorry to hear about this experience @Neighbor828. The best first step for troubleshooting audio concerns is to check wifi signal strength. Audio delivery is often related to communications, so if wifi signal is optimal, please also check mobile device connection. Please ensure that bluetooth and VPN is also disabled on your mobile device. Removing and reinstalling the Ring also can help sometimes.

If this concern persist, or you feel you need more in-depth support related to your account or devices, our support team is best reached by phone, at this time. The Community is also full of answers! Feel free to ask any further questions, we’re happy to help. :slight_smile: