Re: Ring Alarm Feature Update 8/12/2020

How can alarm/ camera notification be turned on) off? My cameras indicate notification is turned on but no sound now. I used to hear when someone entered a room. Now have to go through entir days footage to see

Hi @Carrie_1! Your Camera and Alarm devices can both notify you of motion and other events depending on your settings. For Alarm notifications, please visit the Ring app, open the Menu, and select Alarm Alerts. This is where you can choose between email and push notifications for your Alarm system.

There are also alert settings for each individual Ring device in your Ring app. From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu, select Devices, and choose the device you are wanting to alter. Cameras will have a motion alerts toggle that can be turned on and off. There are also settings such as motion snooze, motion scheduling, and people only mode, that might allow motion while preventing a notification. If you did not change any of the settings above, but are suddenly not receiving alerts, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: