Re-connecting chime

My Ring Video Doorbell Pro was installed when I bought the home as new construction by Amazon’s smarthome team as part of the purchase. The home is a 2-story home and had a standard chime on each floor connected to the traditional doorbell.

When the installer hooked up the Ring doorbell, he disconnected the chime on the 1st floor, something about it not being supported for more than 1 chime? That doesn’t seem correct to me.

  1. Is it accurate that I can only have 1 chime?
  2. If not, how can I go about figuring out what is needed to set it up to have both traditional chimes active?

HI @grooves12. You can find wiring diagrams for various different situations for the Doorbell Pro in our Help Center Article here. There is a diagram that outlines the wiring for one Doorbell Pro and two internal doorbells. I hope this helps out! :slight_smile: