Rapid Ring live view not working

My Rapid Ring App Live view is not working. My RSSI is -55 and the live view, in the normal ring App, is working fine, only the rapid ring live is not working…

Configuration is Video Doorbell Wired + Android (RSSI - 55, voltage Good)

Can you give me any tip?

Hi @viveiroscordeiro. What kind of cell phone is this happening on? When attempting the Live View, are you on WiFi (2.4GHz or 5GHz) or Cellular Data (LTE or 5G)? Is there an active VPN on the phone? If possible, try testing the Rapid Ring app on another phone or tablet to see if you get the same results. I’ll share your answers with my team so they can look into this.

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Same issue for me. No VPN on phone. iPhone XR.
All obvious has been reset. It is not a WiFi issue.
Camera works fine in normal app. But not in rapid ring as it used to.

Hi @JasperIrl. Which IOS version do you have installed and what version of the Rapid Ring app? Is there a specific error you are receiving? If possible, try to upload a screenshot of the error you are seeing?