Rapid Ring does not work on my Android 7 telephone

is it only with my phone ?

According to the Play Store it requires Android 6 or up so in theory it should work.
Does it just crash? Maybe clearing the cache and/or storage for the app might get it working.

No, it doesn’t crash, just tells me to open the fullblown ringapp, because it can’t show me the live view…

I find Live View is highly problematic with the Ring system. Something that should be it’s #1 feature (open app get instant live view) fails all too often. If my roommate hadn’t insisted on a Ring doorbell I likely would have gone with something else.

Thanks for working together on this neighbors! I wanted to add a couple suggestions for android. Please ensure there are no android apps installed that conflict with the Ring app. For any mobile device type, please also disable any vpn that might be active.

Live view concerns are most often resolved through network, signal strength, environmental, app connection, and mobile device related variables. The Rapid Ring App is a great way to obtain most optimal live view connections, so good call on trying to get this downloaded. Feel free to let us know how this goes. I’m more than happy to assist in improving this experience for both of you. :slight_smile: