Rapid Ring App

How does one change the order of their cameras positioning in the rapid ring app? Right now, i have it as Great Room Cam being in the 1st position then Front Door Cam and then Garage Door Cam. Basically, I just want the Great Room Cam to go from where it is at currently being that of 1st position to 3rd and the others to just fall into place i.e. Front Door Cam goes to 1st position and Garage Door Cam to 2nd position. I’ve looked and there is no where that it mentioned where one can make that easy change …I even tried holding down on each cam thinking it might be a toggle up and down method but no. So, the only thing I can think of now is just starting it all over i.e. just deleting my rapid ring acct and starting over?

Mine are all listed alphabetically in Rapid Ring, from A-Z. I’ve not renamed any of them or anything in the Ring app after I installed Rapid Ring.

Try renaming a camera in the main app then see if the name auto-updates and rearranges in Rapid Ring.

If nothing else, a quick reinstall of Rapid Ring might also do the trick. There’s not much to ‘start over’ per se with Rapid Ring–just reinstall and sign in.

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