rapid ring app no notification sound

has anyone else having issues using the rapid ring app ,i downloaded rapid ring app yesterday having missed hundreds of rings and motions due to the app been to slow to open before the person has left ,anyway it does now loads all ok and i recive a push notification but my phone only vibrates and i dont recieve any notification sounds like when i use the other app ,my phone is a samsung s10 ,does anyone else use the s10 have the same issue

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Try long pressing the notification and then make sure notifications have sound enabled and the sound you want.

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I’m having a very similar issue. My Rapid Ring app does not use the standard “Ring” doorbell chime that is used in the regular Ring app. I get notifications from Rapid Ring, but it uses my standard Android notification instead. The Ring app allows you to choose from different chimes within the app. However, Rapid Ring does not have that functionality. Does anyone know how I can get my Rapid Ring to at least use the standard chime from Ring? I’ve tried to uninstall boths apps, delete files and cache, and reinstalling to no avail.

I can do this on an Android phone in the phones notification settings. Do you have an Android?

I do have an Android, but I have no options to choose a sound from my Notifications settings for Rapid Ring. See the screenshot of my Notifications settings for Rapid Ring.

Click on the bar that says Ring Dings channel.
I get the option to change the sounds then.

OMFG, I feel like a f*ckin’ n00b! That worked! This is embarassing as I’m in IT and never thought about clicking on the Ring Dings channel bar.

Thanks @Eagle328!

No problem. It’s not obvious at all. I’m a phone nut. So I’m always reading about stuff or playing around. Glad I helped!

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I have a Moto E4 and I don’t see that Ring Dings option in the Notification Settings.

No you wouldn’t. Your OS is not 9 or 10 for Android. It should be somewhere in the settings menu though.

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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 10 and I do not see that option either. As well, I do not see it in options. Can it be a browser issue?