Rapid ring and original ring app notifications

I like the rapid app for live view but I get hammered with notifications from both ring and rapid ring. Is there a way to only get one set of notifications? Please explain if possible

Good question, @tostegall! By default you should only get notifications from one of the apps. Toggling notifications “on” for a specific device in the Rapid Ring app will turn “off” notifications for that device in the original Ring app. That means, you’ll be getting your notifications faster through the Rapid Ring app. However, you can always control or change the notification settings in the Rapid Ring app or the Ring app.

If you are receiving alerts from both apps, I recommend checking each Ring device in the main Ring app to ensure the motion/ ring alerts toggles are disabled. Then visit the Rapid Ring app to confirm that these toggles are enabled for the desired devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: