Range of Chime Pro

What are folks seeing as the working range for the chime pro? I have a long driveway 300ft and about half way up the driveway I have a pole with lights and power. I would like to replace the lights with a floodlight camera unit so I can tell when I have animals out there (we had a serious incident with a coyote, and have had cougars up that part of our property). I don’t have network to the pole and the pole is about 120 feet from the house. Not sure a chime pro will work for me due to distance but want to check what folks are seeing distance wise with the chime pro units.

Hi @ArtF. With a distance like that, it’s possible the Floodlight Cam would not be able to maintain a stable and strong connection to your wifi network. Typically, our devices work best at around 25 feet from the wifi access point. A Chime Pro can help in some cases where a Camera or Doorbell is a bit farther from the access point, as it is placed halfway between to help extend your wifi network. However, with a distance of 120 feet, we can’t guarantee that a Chime Pro would be suitable in this case. If there’s anywhere around your home with a wired ethernet connection, a Stick Up Cam Elite may work for you. I hope this information helps you make the best decision for your home security! :slight_smile: