Range extender going offline on AC power

Over the past week the range extender has been going offline at almost daily. It reconnects immediately if I unplug the extender and it switches to battery power. Once reconnected to power it will remain connected for about a day then the cycle repeats. Ideas on what may be causing the disconnection?

This is odd to hear @Art2Sect4! The Range Extender should certainly remain online as long as it is within range of the Alarm Base Station. I recommend checking the area for any interfering objects, furniture, appliances, or large electronics that might be blocking signal. Distance is always important to consider as well.

If checking the above does not help to improve this experience, please try another outlet entirely. Feel free to let us know how this goes!

Placement is not the issue. It has been in the same outlet for about a year. It just went offline again. Removed it from the outlet and it reconnected immediately.

Thank you for that update @Art2Sect4. It definitely sounds like that outlet is fine if it’s been working for that long. The best next step is to reach out to our support team for some in-depth troubleshooting.