Random rings

Ring doorbell continues to ring by itself at random times (5-10 times per day). Need software upgrade, hardware fix or replacement?

Hi @Grilldog! Is the Video Doorbell itself ringing multiple times, or is this an internal chime kit or mobile device having multiple notifications? If it is the Video Doorbell specifically sounding several times after a ring event or randomly with no event, please check your Video Doorbell button for any debris or obstructions that might cause this.

Feel free to confirm if the above worked, or if you are experience multiple notifications elsewhere. :slight_smile:


Have had doorbell for several years. Had it set to provide motion alerts and activity alerts via my Chime and Alexa. Couple weeks ago, it started going off (middle of the night and middle of the day) with no one at the door (confirmed with other video cameras as well) saying that someone was at the door. Turned off motion detection and it continued to happen, although the only thing I can figure is that it is saying someone is at the door when it is a motion (even though I have all those turned off). It is sending this alert to both the chime and Alexa. I brought into house and buried under a pillow. It has reduced, but still is happening. Much to the pleasure of my husband, in the middle of the night. What do you suggest I do?