Random notifications, No Live view, Poor video quality at night

Hi all, First Post here. I have owned a Ring video doorbell 2 now for around 18 months. Up until the last few weeks, this worked perfectly and I had experienced no issues in the past. It started with me getting random notifications at night. There wasn’t any movement (as I have another camera overlooking my drive where my doorbell cannot see?) but I received the motion notification. When I jumped on the app to review who or what it was, the motion recording was not available to review and when I went onto the live view that kept spinning then asked to reconnect. I found this very strange behaviour but just thought It was down to my network or something. Again 2 nights later the same thing happened, only this time before being asked to reconnect, I received a motion notification. Everytime I tried, I received a notification. I checked my time line and there it was - motion, live view, motion, live view, motion. I could not view any of these events. The app shown a black screen or couldn’t play them and paused straight away. I contact ring support @1am (gmt) and they talked me through hard resetting the device. I carried out the procedure and went back to bed with no problems. Next night same thing happens, I checked my Internet speed and I’m downloading at 160Mbps and uploading at 42Mbpe over WiFi. My RSSI was 52 and only ever reaches 58 max. I contacted ring through live chat again and I was kicked for inactivity even though their agent was typing and messaged a few seconds before. When I eventually got through, the agent advised to carry out a hard reset again which I didn’t see the point and tried explaining the history around my issue but that’s all they could advise. So I’m in a position where this happens almost every night now and has done over the last few weeks. When I have review the live view on nights this doesn’t happen, the quality is extremely poor. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hey @Thor89. Thank you so much for your detailed response! When doing the hard resets, are you ever resetting up the device, or just doing the hard reset with pressing and holding down the setup button? If you can, could you please try removing the device, then resetting it, and then re-setting up the device on your account? Please note that you will need to save any videos you need before removing the device, but let me know how it preforms after this is done!