Random Noises on Indoor Camera

Hello Everyone!

Anyone else using an Indoor Camera (USB) and getting random noises? Does the camera try to amplify sounds at lower volumes?

Here’s an example:

Any shared experience would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Scott T.

Nobody else has random noises in the video with a wired (USB) indoor camera? Perhaps my house is simply haunted. LOL I’m assuming the software is trying to amplify any sounds detected but it seems odd. Anyone else with similar experiences?

Hi @ScottT. Watching the video, I didn’t hear any sounds that were out of the ordinary. Houses have pops and cracks as the environment changes. And I think there was something else making some sound in the video :cat: .

I understand houses make noises, but you’re saying the banging a shuffling is normal?!

Also, many of these recordings are when everyone is asleep. So nobody is walking around the dining room, nor the adjourning kitchen or hallway.

BTW I get your point about the cat jumping or nibbling on thigs, but that’s why I wanted to know if the indoor camera is trying to amplify light sounds. Also, you can hear the sounds are being generated when the cat is not moving around. So if it’s the house creaking, I’d want to dial down the sensitivity. here’s another example:

Hi @ScottT. I am happy to chime in. You cannot dial down the sensitivity on the microphone. I would recommend trying to place the Camera in a different location to see if it helps.

OK Thanks. I did move the camera a shelf or two lower on that corner hutch. It has cut down on the noise, but we do pickup random “bangs” in the dining room with nothing moving. Very odd.