Random bright light

Anyone know what this bright light could be? It’s happen multiple times on the ring doorbell 2. I didn’t get an alert on the ring app for it. I looked at my other cameras to see if there’s a car or person around but there’s not. I don’t think the ring doorbell 2 has a flash on it so I’m stumped on what could be causing this.

My cameras, Ring and other brands, get those, and they have been bugs. Usually spiders that get in front of the camera and have the lights reflecting off of their bodies.

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It looks like that’s the infrared light turning on. The camera may have detected enough motion to turn that light on, but not enough to record for whatever reason (people-only mode enabled, etc.)

Hi @Fusionstormlord. I agree, this looks to be the infrared light on the Doorbell.

@Fusionstormlord That is 100% the IR light from the doorbell being picked up by the camera. When the IR filter flicks over on a camera to night mode an IR source will show up as a bright white light. Perfectly normal function.

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