Rain cover

Is there a recommendation for a rain cover for the ring doorbell? We have a rental property and the back porch has a soffit but that is it. We live in Florida so it can get hit with some rain quite often. Thank you!!!

Hi @user69545. All of our doorbells are weather and water-resistant. We also have this cover here.

Hi Tom. I just clicked on your link that was meant to take me to the rain cover that you recommended to another customer. But it doesnt work. And after scrolling through all the accessories that come up none of them include a rain cover.

Hi @Lacoste1985. If the link in Tom’s reply didn’t work, it sounds like you are in a different country or region other than the United States. The link in Tom’s reply does work, and links to the Tamper-Proof Cover, but this is not available in every country or region. There is no rain cover product specifically. Apologies for any confusion.

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